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Pacific Yacht Refitters (PYR) - Facility Benefits

  • Dockage for yachts up to 240 feet
  • Travel lift capability to haul 660 tons
  • 1 million square feet of land available on the San Diego waterfront


Pacific Yacht Refitters  – ‘Setting the Standard’

PYR -  SSPC QP1SM Certificated
(Field Application to Complex Industrial and Marine Structures)

SSPC QP1SM certification is a nationally recognized program that evaluates the practices of industrial painting contractors in key areas of business. The complex nature of coating systems and the specific surface preparations required for these systems which have made the QP 1 guidelines vital to the longevity of applied protective coatings PYR raises the bar for marine coatings.

PYR is proud to be a part of a program which is designed to provide facility owners  and/or vessel owners and specification writers a means to determine higher standards to perform surface preparations and coating application in the field on complex industrial and marine structures, such as:

  • Bridges
  • Storage tanks
  • Off-shore drilling
  • Power generation facilities
  • Petro/chemical plants
  • Food and beverage facilities
  • Ships maintenance
  • Vessels - private, commercial & military


To be certified by SSPC, industrial contractors such at PYR must demonstrate competence in several key areas such as:

  • Quality control
  • Management procedure
  • Technical capabilities
  • Safety and environmental compliance


PYR is distinguished in the areas which are evaluated through a series of submittals to SSPC describing the contractor's business operations. PYR is well known for continues work with craft from specialized units such as ACU-1 & SB-12. PYR has been performing full preservation on craft such as LCU’s, Mark V’s, RHIB’s, LCM 8’s, YC’s, SLWT’s, and nearly every type of craft operated by Port Operations San Diego including the Naval Security boats. All water craft which require preservation to be performed in accordance with NAVSEA Standard Items. Specifically NAVSEA standard item 009-04 & 009-32.

Quality Assurance - Standards of Excellence - Service Customers Can Count on Every Time!

PYR - Yacht Care Services

Pacific Yacht Refitters, Yacht Care Services is custom designed to support and advice owners and captains which ensures that the yacht is being maintained, operated and administered to the highest possible standards. Owners are then free to enjoy their time on board, safely with the knowledge that every last detail has already been taken care of.

PYR – Project Management

Our commitment is to all vital specifications, modifications and upgrades to the vessel.  The formula of project management takes consideration to the client’s needs, function, time, quality and budget while managing all operational aspects.  Our commitment is to a complete understanding and control throughout the entire process which is essential and guaranteed.  Honesty about time, completion dates and expectations is fully discussed up front.  Our team of experts advise the clients of the reality of unique project standards; taking into account vessels function and safety at sea.

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Sister Company

Pacific Yacht Refitters sister company Pacific Provision and Supply offers global assistance providing resources around the world in every area of marine products, supplies, services and support.  The entire Pacific Provisioning and Supply Team  is skilled and knowledgeable with first hand experience related to supplies, deck, gear, paint, galley, maintenance, customized provisioning; while excelling in customer service with ‘on time on budget’ full service deliveries.

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